The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep.75: The WGVH AWAKENS–a 75th Anniversary UNO HITTRES Spectacular!!!


MATT and DANNO are back together for a UNO HITTRE ANNIVERSARY SPECTACULAR on the 75th episode of the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR!!!

FIRST: This episode was recorded the day after Thanksgiving, so DANNO and MATT had no choice but to delve right into the STAR WARS ep.7: THE FORCE AWAKENS teaser.

THEN:  MATT discusses the music of 2014 he’s been into.

FINALLY: Some UNO HITTRES including: HERCULES, HELLO LADIES, BIRDMAN, KEY and PEELE, and much, much more.

Thanks to MATT for being able to do this in person, and as always to YOU for listening!

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Look as classy as the WGVH Hosts Danno and Matt

DANNO and MATT don’t look so bad for having turned 75, and neither will you with the WGVH t-shirt!


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