On the 64th episode of THE WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR, DANNO KLONOWSKI is humbled and delighted to have a conversation with a WGVH Patron Saint and Jack Scagnetti himselfTOM SIZEMORE!!!

FIRST: Danno is thrilled to talk with Tom, and Tom is tickled pink to be on a podcast homaging his “favorite performance”–Robert Downey Jr’s WAYNE GALE!  Tom and Danno then have an interesting look back at how he went from being a kid on the streets of Detroit to one Hollywood’s go-to greats to the overcoming of his well-known battle with addiction.

THENTom and Danno get into some of Tom’s most well-known roles in some of the best films ever made, including NATURAL BORN KILLERS (of course!!!), HEAT, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, and more(!) that Tom has plenty of gut-busting and insightful behind-the-scene stories of the films productions.

FINALLY: Tom–along with his brother Aaron Sizemore, Danny Trejo, Sally Kellerman, David Proval, director Giorgio Serafin, and more– have launched a crowd-sourced return to Tom’s roots with the film AN HONEST THIEF!!!  AN HONEST THIEF will be a classic, but modern, take on the crime noir filmed in Tom’s hometown of Detroit and YOU can help make it happen at their INDIEGOGO site.  There are, of course, all manner of contribution perks–such as a DVD/Blu of the film, hats, shirts, set visits, walk on roles, an executive producer credit and soooooo much more!!! Please check out and give what you can!

Let’s help Tom and co. make this happen, WGVH listeners!!!

Thanks so much to Tom for his time and candor! We’ll talk again soon, buddy!!!


  1. Rafe Guttman says:

    The interview with Sizemore got me thinking…

    History never repeats. No one steps in the same river twice. Yet, it rhymes sometimes. But the stream of time always reflects, returning a familiar image with difference.

    The printing press stamped modern man in its image; subsequent divisions in labor and language eroded loyalties to pontiffs and princes. A passionate few carved new states from Christendom and claimed new lands for Christ. In those days, inspiration was plentiful as exploits were bestowed with printed authority. It was an era of ideal role models: heroes distantly placed, psychologically detached and probably already dead.

    Today, the internet engulfs the herd in an electronic fog. No one can discern who is out in front. We can follow our idols on Twitter but whom would we follow into battle? Is there a contemporary artist worth following into oblivion?

    When the world is made small, its inhabitants must shrink as well: talented actors are reduced to e-begging and talented actresses are seduced into taking topless “selfies.” Our beautifully useless people sold their high horses and are now in the materialistic mire with the rest of us. Slaves to their immediate passions, they seek the safety of the herd.

    The closer we come to these shrunken idols, the more we see our reflection in them. And we hate them.

    | Reply Posted September 15, 2014, 9:46 pm
  2. Swart says:

    Was worth it just to see you forced into conversing about Sports!
    Sizemore is a beautiful man. I wish him well with An Honest Thief!

    | Reply Posted September 16, 2014, 12:11 am

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