The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep 56: The MUSIC of #94Platinum w/ ANDY SWART (pt.2 of 2)



On the 56th episode of THE WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR, DANNO KLONOWSKI is joined by previous guest, former co-worker in the wacky world of HOME SHOPPING, friend, and podcasting darling ANDY SWART!

As that this is PART 2 of THE MUSIC OF #94PLATINUM Andy and Danno dive right into their  TOP 5 albums of the year 1994!!! Enjoy!  Thanks again to ANDY SWART for doing the show!


  1. Andy Lunn says:

    Batonga! Batonga!!! It’s gone a bit quiet on the ol’ WGVH front. Hope you guys are okay and this isn’t the end!!!

    I’ve really enjoyed the music episodes, having ended up with some Norwegian Death Metal – Mayhem’s Chimera – and a My Chemical Romance album as a result. Cheers for opening my eyes to these artists – sorry they weren’t your choices Danno!!

    Myself and The a Lovely Joanne are currently in the middle of a James Spader season; entitled – The Sleaze Of Spader. We’ve found some real gems, like the hilarious ‘Deadwood’; which was a hilarious take on ‘Misery’ and ‘Dream Lover’ which was surprisingly good, despite it’s shit title

    Unfortunately, I also had to watch ‘Pretty In Pink’; which I’ve concluded I will never ever subject myself to again..

    Interesting to note Spader’s various, suspect, possible hairpieces throughout the years; and the determination of the man to take his shirt off in pretty much every movie he’s in. His pants as well, if he can get away with it.

    So, my questions to the Wayne Gale variety hour are these. What are your thoughts on Spader? What do you consider his most sleazy role? And, is he the bastard Son of John Lithgow. – see ‘Mannequin’ for evidence.

    Best wishes,

    The Lunn.

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