On the 49th episode of THE WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR, DANNO KLONOWSKI is joined by writer/artist/raconteur ANDY STURDEVANT for a lovely chat about the city Danno grew up in and Andy adopted as his home–MINNEAPOLIS!!! (Note: ANDY is also a quasi-talk show host himself, and Danno once appeared on a special episode of Andy’s show SALON SALOON.)

FIRST: Danno grills Andy about all of his various projects which you should totally check out! Then it’s onto some UNO HITTRES!

NEXT: Andy goes toe-to-toe against…questions!…in an attempt to win a listener a film in the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR MOVIE GAME. Did he win? DID HE WIN FOR YOU?!?!? You’ll have to listen to find out! (Note 2: This episodes music was selected by previous WGVH Movie Game winner KYLE POLING as an alternative prize of his choosing, so I guess the precedent has been set!)

FINALLY: Andy and Danno get into it deep with the city they love and discuss their TOP 5 FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT MINNEAPOLIS!!!

Thanks again to Andy for the great talk. Be sure to check out his many going-ons! 


  1. I’m deeply ashamed I miss your solicitation for fave MN things on facebook…I am sending some belatedly-
    NYE’s! My favorite. Had my groom’s dinner there (I also like the monte carlo). Cuzzy’s bar, The Lookout in Maple Grove, HUGE theater (improv)…first ave? was that mentioned. Kwik Trips. Outdoor baseball at target field. I too disdain the state fair now…though I went there a lot in my teens and 20s and my last trip 3 or 4 years ago was really fun seeing WEEZER at the grandstand. Kind of hilarious…but also a good show. Rivers covered Paranoid Android by Radiohead and nailed it completely. What else is good here? The local beer scene is pretty top shelf..i hit up fulton brewery before twins games a lot. I also dig Indeed, surly, lots of cool beers to try. I love that new West End theater with the VIP leather seats. I drank too many jack and cokes during Prometheus opening weekend. Left to go pee and actually got lost…climbling over tons of people to get to my seat…only to sit down and realize I was at Prometheus…but watching the beginning part of the movie again because I was in a different theater. Also going to Toby Keith’s afterwards to make fun of hillbillies is also a hoot. I also saw The Grey there…I am thinking of you bathroom poster now…I am rambling. What else? I don’t know…I love Psycho Suzi’s as well. Fun taking my hoity toity L.A. sister there last summer. Wish the divey motor lodge one was still open.
    Your top 5s were great! I will kind of cry bullshit at all the Alley love. I’ve always found it hilarious that city folk are so in love with those. I grew up in Winona,MN which had alleys everywhere…as does every other town in the state including many in the first ring of suburbs…Edina, crystal, robbinsdale, Richfield, St. Louis Park. When I think of Alleys I think of my grandparent’s tiny 50s house with an alley you could barely fit a car through. Filled with Oscar the grouch style trash cans that people smash into repeatedly like some bad 70s movie. Not only that there was no stop signs so enraged meatheads with muscle cars would peel out of there and nearly kill you on your bike as you rode past. I remember trying to take shortcuts through them on my skateboard and constantly being thwarted by shitty gravel and tiny rocks as street cleaners could not fit through them. Fuck Alleys I say…they are good for nothing besides drinking liquor out of a paper bag like a hobo drifter.
    Wow this really went sideways…going to hit post now.
    Much love to the show as always…I am going to pick up the other Andy’s book.

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