The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR #38: Inside Senor Spielbergo



ACT I: We have Viewer Mail from AXL of PROFONDO CINEMA and new friend of the show JOSH ARCHER, followed by some UNO HITTRES: I, FRANKENSTEIN, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, a discussion about the “lesser” Coen Bros films, and we go INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS.

ACT II: We once again look back at… THE WAY WE WERE: 1987

ACT III: A career spanning look at the the man who nowadays makes TRANSFORMERS films happen, but once upon a time made some fantastico films: Senor Steven Spielberg!!!!

ACT IV: In honor this episodes subject–Senor Spielbergo–we offer a Superfluous Spielbergian Fourth Act. …Enjoy…?



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