The Wayne Gale Variety Hour #25: PARANORMAL ANNIVERSARY



DANNO KLONOWSKI is a cartoonist, writer for THE DAILY ROTATION, and podcaster. MATT  RISNES is a noted film blogger and podcast guest. They have been friends for nearly 20 years and like talking about stuff at length and in-depth AND IT’S THEIR 25th EPISODE!!!

FIRST OF ALL: Thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone and everyone who has listened to one or all of the 25 episodes of THE WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR over the last nine months or so. Matt and Danno really appreciate you listening to our thoughts and ramblings and hope you continue to enjoy for (being presumptuous here) another twenty-five! And muchos thanks to everyone who has written in to the comments section. We love your feedback! Keep it coming!

SPECIFICALLY: This episode we asked for AUDIO VIEWER MAIL and you guys did not disappoint! We did our best to dedicate this episode to you lovely listeners and thank JOHN SMALLBERRIES, RAFE GUTTMAN, and ANDY LUNN for taking their time and effort to send in some mp3 kudos, thoughts, and general viewer awesomeness. Also, first-time Viewer Mailer ANDY SWART keeps it soapy and clean with some classic written script. Seriously, he sent it written on parchment with a feather-ended quill-dip pen, the Mook.

AFTER THE BREAK: We have a few UNO HITTRES (this is how we’ve outsmarted PROFONDO CINEMA by stealing their ONE HITTERS bit), and then it’s into the PARANORMAL ANNIVERSARY!!! Since we don’t care about 9/11 or the several wars we are fighting anymore, horror has lost it’s perspective and just resorted to jump-scare trickery–specifically and repeatedly with Possession and Ghost films. Matt and Danno examine this paranormal phenomenon, decide what they like and what they despise, and even share a few paranormal tales of their own!!!

Thanks for listening!!!


  1. Captain Ringfinger says:

    Congrats on 25 shows!

    All of your listener voice-viewer mail you played were great. I liked Smallberries idea of making the next SW like ST just to mess with the people. I humbly disagree with Danno that the SW Prequels were just that. 🙂

    I loved to death “Get A Life” it was the perfect show for me at a very awkward stage of life, Junior High. I also knew people (mostly girls) who hated it.

    Danno had a great ghost story, “the true horror story is marriage”

    The best 2 LOL moments in this episode was when Matt was telling a great story about the garage door almost killing him and Danno says “No, the garage doors are designed . . .” and Matt’s later comeback when Danno is talking about almost getting through Confirmation but having to be honest at the end and Matt line:
    “That is your life story”. We’re laughing with you because we’ve all been there. But damn that was funny.

    Side note, I used to also hit the garage door button, on the old-school type with no safeties, and pretend I was Geordi La Forge escaping Engineering because of a coolant leak.

    My brothers and I all went to the re-release of the Exorcist and that was an awesome time. Big screen with deleted scenes. A lot of fun. For some reason my family watched The Omen A LOT in the early eighties. That’s also a movie that will mess with an elementary age kid.

    I loved and highly recommend as well “The Last Exorcism”. Probably the most fun exorcism movie out there. I like the ending and can also affirm that the sequel is one of the worst (not in a good MST3K way) movies I’ve seen in a long time. Unforgivably boring.

    And to politely disagree with Matt, I thought Session 9 was not entertaining at all. Just watched it last month and I enjoyed all of 4 seconds of the film. The scene in the stairwell:

    The coolest part of the film was that they shot it on location. The writer actually would drive by this closed hospital daily and used the location as inspiration Roger Corman style.

    I also like the pressure of completing the job on-time since the main character underbid the competition by saying he was able to finish the job in 2 weeks. Anybody who has had deadlines like that can relate to the pressure it causes throughout your entire day, even off the job. But then half of the film shows them taking breaks. The could have showed the mental derangement caused by repetitive monotonous tasks but they didn’t. Maybe a wasted opportunity?

    I think there was a lot of potential here but the film repeatedly annoyed me more than entertained,

    Finally I highly agree with Matt’s recommendation of Ju-on 2. The first one is skipable and not necessary to understand the second.

    Keep up all the great work.


    | Reply Posted October 16, 2013, 10:32 am
  2. Captain Ringfinger says:

    Whoops, forgot to add my paranormal experiences:

    My whole life I’ve had completely worthless premontions and Deja Vu feelings. Very “real” to me but of course impossible to demostrate to anyone else because they always involve such non-event moments in my life.

    That’s it. I’ve never had any spirtual or religious moment in my life. If there’s an afterlife, it has never signaled me in anyway.

    | Reply Posted October 16, 2013, 10:36 am

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