The Wayne Gale Variety Hour ep 24: DANNO’s KUBRICK HOMEWORK



DANNO KLONOWSKI is a cartoonist, writer for THE DAILY ROTATION, and podcaster. MATT  RISNES is a noted film blogger and podcast guest. They have been friends for nearly 20 years and like talking about stuff at length and in-depth.  In the 24th episode of the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR we break down the works of four specific STANLEY KUBRICK films.

BUT FIRST:  We open with some viewer mail, including an AUDIO Viewer Mail by J SCOTT of PROFONDO CINEMA (and we’d love more AUDIO Viewer Mail for ep 25 in two weeks), a quick thought/link on the the difference between scripted and improv films by DAVID STEINLICHT (see the comments for ep 24 for the great Peter Jackson/Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright link he mentions), and some thoughts on ep 24 by first-time listener JEREMY ZOSS.

THEN: Some ONE HITTERS including: the passing of DENNIS FARINA, Danno and Matt taking on PACIFIC RIM: round 2, ONLY GOD FORGIVES (and Matt’s general distaste for high-def V.O.D.), the British comedy series PEEP SHOW, Ken Burns “PROHIBITION”, the announced SUPERMAN follow-up featuring BATMAN, Matt’s theory on when the death of big-budget cinema will occur (sooner than you might think), the VERONICA MARS vs SPIKE LEE Kickstarters, and Matt takes on THE WOLVERINE. 

FINALLY:  We get into DANNO’s KUBRICK HOMEWORK: Paths of Glory, Spartacus, Barry Lyndon, and Lolita, as well a general overview of Kubrick’s career. Many thanks to ANDY LUNN and RAFE GAUTTMAN for their thoughts on Danno’s Kubrick Homework!


  1. Mook says:

    First off. Thanks for doing this podcast. I worked with danno ( my iPhone just auto corrected danno to “fanboy”) many years ago and deeply miss his insights and fun conversations. Through Dannos twitter I was intro’d to Matt’s twitter which I think is absolute genius – and fuck everyone who says he takes things too seriously! That’s what makes it fucking compelling ya goofs.
    Some thoughts. I Love Redmond Barry and that film is in my all time top 5 movies ever… Maybe as high as # 2. Agree with Matt’s comments mostly as I epically enjoy the black humor and amazing cinematography. One question- film was made in the mid seventies.. Do you think Kubrick was in anyway commenting on the times? There seemed to be a lot of selfish, self centered idiotic coked out ex hippies who were fumbling around and fucking shit up. This was the time of Nixon and Gerry ford after all.

    Next comment- I love when you guys talk music. I am a huge music nerd. Can you work in what you’ve been listening too and why each week? Your nineties music debates are pretty much why I started listening to this podcast.

    Would love to see you guys do an in depth on eyes wide shut. I think that is a very misunderstood masterpiece and would love to here your takes…whether good or bad.

    Also in TV talk… Would love to see you tackle orange is the new black or have danno watch the Phil the shill episode of Miami vice.

    Keep up the stellar work and keep it soapy.

    -the mook

    | Reply Posted August 4, 2013, 11:28 am
  2. Just wanted to inform Danno our website is

    Also, in response to the mook’s letter,

    ” and fuck everyone who says he takes things too seriously! That’s what makes it fucking compelling ya goofs.”

    Yes it’s compelling to hear Matt get pissed and go off, not compelling when I go onto a message board and see Matt had a heart attack & is in the ICU. I appreciate the mook’s candor, but my verbal request was a reminder for Matt to chill out, it’s just the fucking internet.

    Also if anyone reads this, Danny Boy appeared on Profondo Cinema for some complete randomness and BSG talk. You can download at the location below.

    Profondo Cinema

    | Reply Posted September 13, 2013, 12:51 am

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