The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR #20: Opinions of Steel!!!



DANNO KLONOWSKI is a cartoonist, film reviewer for THE DAILY ROTATION, and podcaster. MATT  RISNES is a noted film blogger and podcast guest. They have been friends for nearly 20 years and like talking about stuff at length and in-depth.  In the 20th episode of the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR we discuss our feelings/thoughts on the MAN OF STEEL.

But first, some ONE HITTERS on: Alan Moore’s SAGA OF THE SWAMP THING. Danno’s thoughts on the first two STAR TREK FILMS, JACK REACHER, and OBLIVION. Matt pipes in about THE PURGE, AFTER EARTH, and KAYNE WEST. We wrap-up with thoughts on WORLD TRADE CENTER and OLIVER STONE, and the horrible decline of SASHA BARON COHEN.  Then it’s on to some VIEWER MAIL. Thanks to RYAN COLLER, ANDY LUNN, and RAFE GUTTMAN for their thoughts.

After the (quick) break Matt and Danno get into a SPOLIER-IFFIC review over MAN OF STEEL for about an hour. Matt is pro. Danno is KHAAAAANNNNN!!! (Well, it’s not that black and white). So for an hour-filled of SPOILERS of MAN OF STEEL keep on a’listenin’!

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  1. Captain Ringfinger says:

    Catch up on “CCU”. Jed worked at Anoka Technical College and went to “The Legion” which was a block away. Forgot about the Cribbage with Nels. I remember doing a lot of jig-saws that summer.

    And the infamous tree incident was Josh Meister, not Fiene. I remember it very clearly, saw the whole thing since I was the one asking Meister to get out of the tree lest he destroy it. While wearing a goofy smile, his feet swung 135 degrees and planted themselves directly into Danno’s crotch. And yes, Danno did get lifted off the ground by it. Joe’s sister and cousin were very concerned for you though and kept asking about you. I think we had just started hanging out and was worried you’d never want to come over again.

    Another great episode by you two, great differing opinions. You both have valid points.

    As I’ve been telling people, this isnt your grandpa’s Superman, which was quite clear by the title choice.

    Favorite quotes from you guys:

    “nit-picky shit I don’t understand”

    “You have a dead soul”

    “go home” and “digusting puke” Basically Matt’s rants are hilarious AND informative.

    I already communincated my thoughts about this movie to Danno on FB so I won’t repeat here except that my 9-year old asked “is he (Zod) Khan too?” which to me speaks volumes about todays movies.

    Oh, and I had that Superman Fist-mobile from Hot Wheels as well.

    I love Amy Adams but thought the choice for her to play LL was wrong. Her line at the end “It’s all down hill after the first kiss.” was probably the single worst line I’ve ever heard in a film and I’ve seen almost every episode of MST3K. WTFudge. Totally ruined the moment AND worst of all pulled me out of the movie.

    And the Predator drone/Captain thinks he’s hot scene felt 100% tacked on and unnecessary.

    Otherwise an entertaining and educational episode. “What else do you want. . . you disgusting pukes?”

    | Reply Posted June 20, 2013, 3:52 pm
  2. Andy Lunn says:

    Hi guys,

    Great episode. So good I listened to it twice!!

    No, in all seriousness, after listening the first time whilst wandering aimlessly during my lunch hour, I realised that my Wife – the lovely Joanne – had to hear it too.
    Her first reaction after watching Man of Steel was that “I could’ve watched it for hours more” Suffice to say, she loved it as much as Matt did.

    When I played her the podcast she got quite angry at Danno and began shouting across at the stereo “DID YOU WATCH THE MOVIE?!!!” – And other cries of disgust at the nit-picking, some of which were not quite as polite. Then she started hollering across at Matt in agreement, and at one point I thought she was about to applaud.

    All of which, I found completely hilarious!! It appears you have a new listener.

    Also, nice to hear you like ‘Dune’ Not many people do, and I’ve had to argue it’s merits for years. Looks great. Sounds great – particularly when played loudly, as I did earlier today. And who cares if it makes sense??



    | Reply Posted June 23, 2013, 5:00 pm
  3. Rafe Guttman says:

    Sometimes the view at the summit disappoints. That’s the only defense I can muster for the vitriol-spewing critics of Man of Steel. I watched waiting for some chasm-sized plot holes to yawn before me or just for something dumb to happen. I am still waiting.

    Those who pick plot nits cite a lack of character development or flawed story structure as the kryptonite that weakens this superhero narrative. Firstly, I tire of these abstract story concepts pilfered from dry tomes. I fear we are killing the art of story telling in order to scientifically dissect its structure. Much like Schrodinger’s Cat, as soon as you are able to observe an artistic movement it’s already dead. Secondly, this is no superhero film. It is a tale that launches a line of flight and leaves a scorched, dessicated genre in its wake: finally, the superhero has become god.

    The Christ allusions are obvious and numerous. Instead of dwelling on them lets push further onto less firm footing and question why they are here now. Three centuries ago an Italian by the name of Vico, after reviving the cyclical view of history and merging it with the linear view of progress, devised a spiral-shaped historical paradigm. History’s flight path resembles a dragon incessantly chasing its tail as it ascends. Vico divided history into three stages: an age of gods, an age of heroes and age of men. Man of Steel has crossed the threshold from hero to god. The action hero has completed a regressive metamorphosis from common man to demigod to god.

    Gods do not grow. They are not becoming. They are being. Kal-El is a god as soon he exists on our planet. His blood makes him divine. This god does not have a character arc for the same reason we know so little about young Christ; there are no training montages in the New Testament. If his alter-ego is diminished it’s for the same reason we don’t know the quality of Jesus’ carpentry (see KITH sketch). Fittingly, Kal-El demands to use his powers as soon as possible; it is the world that is not ready for him.

    Bat Man and Iron Man have exhausted what men, with the aid of technology, can accomplish. The action genre’s only avenue of escape exists in the heavens. And we are now ready for HIS arrival. The linear world constructed by men: democratic and urban, is being assaulted on all fronts. Old superheroes are powerless against this new rhizomatic world. The internet scoops the Daily Planet, rendering it useless. Terrorism toppled our Metropolis before General Zod arrived. We need answers. We need hope.

    Disappointed critics and audiences were expecting to see a man behind the curtain, helming a machine. Man of Steel showed them a great and powerful god. We’ve come full circle.

    | Reply Posted July 7, 2013, 1:48 pm

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