The LUTEFISK SUSHI PODCAST ep 28: Robert Algeo



In the 28th episode of the Lutefisk Sushi Podcast host DANNO KLONOWSKI is joined by not only cartoonist, but legitimate teacher of cartooning at MCAD, Mr ROBERT ‘Bob’ ALGEO! In what ends up being a 3 HOUR CONVERSATION, we spend hour one meandering down different comic and pop culture rabbit holes. In hour two we finally move on to Bob’s comics, unfortunately the first comic discussed is “30” which is all about comic and pop culture rabbit holes. FINALLY in hour 3 we get to some more of Bob’s comics, his process, his involvement in curating the upcoming AUTOPTIC and Danno finally asks the question we’ve all been wondering: “Why the HELL didn’t you guys just call it MIX?!?!?!”

Oh, and if you are one of Mr Algeo’s students–pay close attention. There will be homework!!!

The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast is sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and BIG TIME ATTIC.  The Lutefisk Sushi podcast is a STAPLEGENIUS.COM(cast) production




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