The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep 18: a FAST 6 quickie



DANNO KLONOWSKI is a cartoonist and podcaster. MATT  RISNES is a noted film blogger and podcast guest. They have been friends for nearly 20 years and like talking about stuff at length and in-depth.  In the eighteenth episode of the WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR we find our heroes, in a infrequent turn, actually being able to see a film together and then podcast about after. Unfortunately the film we saw was FAST 6 (or FURIOUS 6 or whatever it’s called).  We didn’t have to time to do a full episode, this is just a 40 minute quickie on said film. And even though this is the Wayne Gale Variety HOUR and is only 40 minutes, we’ll still be billing your insurance for a full session.



  1. Andy Lunn says:

    Hi fellas,

    I just finished listening to the Star Trek episode and just wanted to say, that although I have absolutely no interest in the world of Trek, that was a really interesting and entertaining episode. So much so, that I am even slightly tempted to check out the old movies. We will see.

    I’ve also been catching up on old episodes of your podcasts. I’ve only one to go now until I’m completely up to date. I was very interested in what Matt had to say about his visit to Tuscon. About a decade ago, my Wife and I where planning our first visit to the states, and Tuscon was one of the places we seriously considered. Mainly because of my love of Westerns and my desire to escape the cold and rain of Blighty at any opportunity. Anyhow, we eventually went to Boulder, Colorado and visited the surrounding area – Denver , Golden etc. A great trip and well worth the visit. Tuscon, has however has always stayed in the back of my mind, and your thoughts on it have renewed my interest in visiting. I thank you for that.

    Back to Movies and TV. I am thoroughly enjoying ‘Hannibal’ So much so, that I revisited the 2001 movie of the same name, this weekend just gone. When I originally saw it in the cinema, I was oddly disturbed by Gary Oldman’s character – I think it was his funny eye- As a result (coupled with the general opinion that it’s rubbish) I hadn’t seen it since. On this latest viewing though, I really enjoyed it. Sure it had it’s flaws- would’ve loved to have seen Foster return- but all in all, I think it’s a very well put together movie, which does not deserve the criticism it recieves. I am also very keen to revisit the originalThomas Harris Novels. I remember reading Silence Of The Lambs on holiday when the film was first released, because I was too young to see it at the cinema. That book stuck with me and when I finally saw the film a few years later it did not disappoint. I’ve seen Lambs so many times now, that it’s no longer scary to me In fact I find a lot of it quite amusing. Not sure sure what that says about me!

    Anyhow, keep up the good work.


    P.S. Lords of Salem was awesome and I am doing my best to spread the word about it’s brilliance.

    | Reply Posted May 29, 2013, 5:07 pm
  2. Rafe Guttman says:

    Dear WGVH hosts, I cordially request an extension for my Pitch Black horror homework. I have no one to blame but the world. I did, however, watch Event Horizon last week and my thoughts are:

    Event Horizon is a perfectly acceptable film. I enjoyed the grungy space ship design and appreciated the Gothic aesthetic. I do wish the philosophical subtext was fleshed out a bit better, though.

    This film seems to be hinting upon a possible return of the mystical world as science threatens to reach both its physical and moral limits. The “Gravity Ball Thing” reminded me of early monastic clocks. The medieval church gave birth to its cosmological successor: physics. The monastery is where cloistered men, like Roger Bacon, had the leisure and security to conceive of a world littered with flying contraptions. Early dreams of mechanized space flight were conceived behind stone walls centuries ago. Fittingly, our mad scientist, Sam Neill, once he has seen “the dark”, turns back to a mad monk.

    Yours hastily,
    Rafe Guttman

    | Reply Posted June 3, 2013, 6:00 pm
  3. Captain Ringfinger says:

    A great, quick episode. Kwepisode? I appreciate Matt’s comments about film making and I agree with Danno’s points about technical flaws and such.

    And Danno calling out Matt about not cutting his hair for a year, classic! Never heard of that agreement before. And why haven’t I heard of it? Because it wasn’t in the trailer!

    Having seen all the previous movies except Tokyo Drift, I can’t say I was disappointed at all since I knew what I was getting into. I feel sorry you went in unprepared.

    Will you muster up the courage to see F7? Time will tell.


    | Reply Posted August 12, 2013, 9:24 am

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