DANNO KLONOWSKI is a cartoonist and podcaster. MATT  RISNES is a noted film blogger and podcast guest. They have been friends for nearly 20 years and like talking about stuff at length and in-depth.  In the eleventh episode, which was thrown together at the spur-of the moment/last minute, there is no particular theme, but rather a veritable conversational hotdish.

We discuss what Matt has been up to (why he wasn’t on the last episode). Things like: getting a new house, a new puppy, a new name for blog, a new feature called FORAGING FOR SUBTEXT on the ROPE OF SILICON film website (which also features the BRAD AND LAREMY podcast Matt insists everyone checks out–including Danno. Which he will!),  and finding himself a changed man with a new outlook on internet life and his new internet persona named… MATT RISNES.

We then move on to viewer mail…but there was none. SAD FACE! So instead Matt retorts last episode’s guest host ADAM HANSEN‘s verbal viewer mail on the subject of ZACK SNYDER. (Again with the Zack Snyder! Oi!)  Matt also gives his closing thoughts on BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN, and then we discuss a little something called taste.

Then it’s off to discussing THE MANGLER and the declining years of Tobe Hooper‘s film career, THE DEPARTED and the declining years of Marty Scorsese‘s film career, the documentary SIDE-BY-SIDE and the declining years of film used to make films, and G.I.JOE: RETALIATION and the declining years of toy adaptation films. Finally, we discuss KICKSTARTER (specifically the recent VERONICA MARS Kickstarter campaign), and what a scary, terrible, awful things it could mean for the film industry itself in the coming years. So to balance out that horror, we discuss our happy and positive hopes and dreams for what the future of film industry could and should be.

This episodes break music “How To Live Alone” was performed by CEESICK, the solo side-project of CASEY ‘THE NELS’ NELSON who you may know best from his band NATIONAL BIRD, his painfully hilarious webcomic SEE BEAUTIFUL INDIANA, or that one time he was on this podcast.


  1. john smallberries says:

    hello sirs, John Smallberries here. Just finished listening to the latest show. I also agree with you Schloggs about Springsteen. His championing of the working class is admirable, but like you stated most of those people are drunken, lazy assholes who have never has an original idea float through their meth addled heads. I should know I work with a lot of them. I also have to agree with you on the Mangler. It’s been on of my favorite 90’s horror movies since I saw it on opening night at the theater. Oddly that theater was painfully empty but I digress. I was wondering what you guys thought of Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift. It seems to have a lot of similarities to the mangler other than the afformentioned Steve King connection. It is almost universally hated by horror fans (but i can’t seem to figure out why), and has a heapin’ helpin’ of working class schmoes that the boss likes to champion so much. It also has great preformances from Steven Macht (the dad from The Monster Squad)and Brad Douriff. But who are we kidding. Brad Douriff is incapable of giving a bad preformance. keep doing a solid show gentelmen.

    | Reply Posted March 26, 2013, 1:03 pm
  2. Captain Ringfinger says:

    The Smallberries comment was well stated ^^^ Bravo.

    As far as Kickstarter and the Internet in general is that it is just the next step in evolution. Artists-for-hire have always had to listen to their audiences and adjust their craft for the customers. Most of the Western Civilization art from the last 2000 years is religous or for the Monarchies because thsoe were the people with the cash to spend. I’m betting plenty of those artists may have felt like sellouts but at least we have examples of their art today. I’ve been listenting to a lot of artisits’ comentaries who work on films who certainly take pride in their work, but its still a job to them. The funny thing about films and books and TV shows is that their fans, collectively, can make a much better story as a whole because you’ve got 10,000,000 more minds working on an idea. Kathy Bates in Misery is one extreme example but I’ve read some really damn good fan ficition.

    Side note: then you have the guys who wrote the 2nd matrix movie and I’m convinced they just threw out a bunch of crap just to let the fans try to “figure it out and draw meaning” even though the artists themselves had no idea what the hell the wrote meant. I think the Beatles did that too on a song.

    Side note: the Internet will never get “settled out” in the sense that certain things will become more popular and/or professional and things that don’t will wither and fade until some future hipster finds it 100 years later. Everything follows the Laws of Evolution.

    Finally, back to Kickstarter is a way to pool resources of the many who have this one thing in common and want to see something accomplished.

    We could all carry a single brick and stand in line to build a crappy bridge or we could all just donate some money and pay a profession to do it. I’ve never given money to Kickstarter, but I like the idea of small projects getting made with out dealing with the hassle of a bank or government oversight.

    Anywho, the sound quality was good on this show and good luck with the new house. Home ownership can be a pain.

    | Reply Posted July 26, 2013, 1:52 pm

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