The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep 10: w/ special guest host ADAM HANSEN



Due to an abundance of life stuff getting in the way, regular WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR co-host MATT RISNES couldn’t make it this time, so host DANNO KLONOWSKI invited hard-core film devotee, comic book writer and fan, but most importantly, friend, ADAM HANSEN onto the program.

The show opens with an extensive viewer mail segment, including mail from one Mr. ADAM HANSEN in retort to last episodes POP-CULTURE CLASH, most  specifically his thoughts on our thoughts on BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and ZACK SNYDER.

We launch into some one-hitters (sorry, PROFONDO) on KILL LIST, DEAD ALIVE, THIEF, and BRISCO COUNTY JR. We discuss the (farce that is) Oscars, specifically Danno’s take on ARGO(fuck yourself, indeed!). Then Adam is drilled about his experiences attending a couple FANTASTIC FESTs at the famed ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE in Austin, Texas…a place Adam and his soon-to-be wife Sarah Morean will be moving too in a year or two. THAT’S how committed he is to films!!! Adam talks about some films he’s saw down there last fall like: SLEEP TIGHT, PERBERION SOUND STUDIO, SIGHT SEERS, ROOM 237, as well as seeing the world premiere of CLOUD ATLAS with the Wachowskis present. Finally we round out the show with a quick talk about the good-old days of SHINDERS. But what kind of a host would I be if I let Adam get away without answering the GREAT Bernard Pivot’s 10 questions???!!!


  • Captain Ringfinger says:

    Wow!! What an incredible episode! Adam is my new favorite person to listen to. This whole episode was gold from beginning to end so I’m not going to comment on everything except this:

    The begining of the James Lipton Q&A blew my mind. The 2 words I hate the most are “moist” and “panties”. I don’t even like typing them and will change what other people wrote to “damp” or “women’s underwear”. I literally did a double-take at the speakers it was so coincidental and hilarious. Get out of my mind!!!

    A+ episode. Would love to hear Adam on again in the future.

    | Reply Posted June 27, 2013, 6:28 pm
  • Athena says:

    GREAT podcast. Would totally listen to more Danno & Adam. I want Adam to be in charge of the media I consume from now on.

    I really liked what you said about the internet and “post-sincerity” when talking about Springsteen. I feel like that’s also what makes Bruce Campbell so much more beloved than Kevin Smith. Smith is often so smarmy, whereas Campbell seems to radiate friendliness and genuine feeling.

    | Reply Posted August 17, 2013, 11:54 am

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