The WAYNE GALE VARIETY HOUR ep 6: 2012 (the year in review)


DANNO KLONOWSKI is a cartoonist and podcaster. MATT RISNES is a noted film blogger and podcast guest. They have been friends for nearly 20 years and like talking about stuff at length and in-depth. The sixth episode is a Year in Review of 2012. Of course we discuss our favorite films and television of 2012, but we also discuss what the year 2012 meant to us personally as we journeyed thru life. Bigger social issues such as the several mass shootings, gun control, our politically divided country, Matt and Danno being reviled for hating LOOPER (and how it led Matt to walk away from the internet conversation), and the perpetual lack of a Ragnarok are discussed in ranting detail.  Plus: An Ode to 2012 poem by Friend of the Show @RafeGuttman !!!


  1. Captain Ringfinger says:

    The “Police” scanner was the best $50 bucks I ever spent until Halo, thanks for reminding me.

    The episode was very different in a great way. You shared some very personal things which was brave. I can tell you two are great friends by this line:

    Danno “2012 was the worst year of my life”

    Matt “AND THAT’S really saying something”

    I liked you hunting/gun debate with the wrap-up line:

    “It’s a free country, get off my lwan”

    When you were talking about real relationships vs film/tv ones:

    “Painting the walls and his wife was yelling at him” LOL been there sooo many times i couldnt begin to count.

    About Looper (haven’t seen it yet):

    “Sub Timecop, at least he did the splits” LOL

    About Film buffs:

    “Films they believe they’re supposed to like”

    You get that in any artists’ circle. Now imagine being surround by dozens of 20-year-old experts-on-all-art-forms and that was what college was like for me. Everyone was an expert on everything. uggh

    i just finished listening to this right after listening to the Man of Steel episode and am happy that Matt’s prediction that “anything I’m excited about I end up hating” did not come true for him.

    To anyone reading this, Like what you like and forget the rest. Life is way too short to care about what other’s opinions on what you like. If people are going to dislike you, have it be about your actions.

    Anywho, you guys are really hitting your groove and this show keeps getting better and keeps staying fresh.

    Keep up the good work, you never know who you’re influcening and’or helping to understand they are not alone.

    Captain Ringfinger

    | Reply Posted June 23, 2013, 11:09 am

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