In the 25th(!) episode of the Lutefisk Sushi Podcast host DANNO KLONOWSKI talks with SHAD PETOSKY.  By his own admission, Shad is a “Failed Cartoonist”, but Shad is ANYTHING but a failure. While his cartooning days may be dormant, he has instead co-founded BIG TIME ATTIC (with previous Sushi podcast guests ZANDER CANNON and KEVIN CANNON) from which Shad and Vincent Stall eventually spun-off their own wildly successful interactive entertainment company, PUNY ENTERTAINMENT.  Puny has done a lot of work with YO GABBA GABBA!, Target, and film work such as the opening credits for SUPER.  On top of being the President and Creative Director of PUNY, Shad came out, identifying as queer, and completely changing his personal life.  This is an amazing talk with Shad about the his painful childhood, his confusing adult years, his learning on-the-fly to run a  successful entertainment company, and now being that guy in Hollywood people actually recognize.  This talk is a MUST LISTEN!!!

The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast is sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and the NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  The Lutefisk Sushi podcast is a STAPLEGENIUS.COM(cast) production.

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