Lutefisk Sushi Podcast episode 15: Ryan Dow

In the fifteenth episode host DANNO KLONOWSKI talks with MN cartoonist RYAN DOW about his¬†autobio comics (or are they ‘introbio’ comics?!), why night time is the not necessarily right time, and the gag-reflexing realities of farm life.

The Lutefisk Sushi Podcast is sponsored by the INTERNATIONAL CARTOONIST CONSPIRACY, the ALTERED ESTHETICS GALLERY, and the NORDEAST COMICS SUMMIT.  The Lutefisk Sushi podcast is a STAPLEGENIUS.COM(cast) production.


  1. Maxeem says:

    Interesting interview. Very insightful. Thanks for this.

    | Reply Posted January 27, 2012, 8:28 pm
  2. Athena says:

    “I was so mad I actually broke my T-square.”
    Best cartoonist quote…ever?

    | Reply Posted February 2, 2012, 1:25 pm
  3. Athena says:

    Also, this:
    Danno: What do you think about that? Am I CRAZY?
    Ryan (serious, contemplative): Um…I don’t think so, necessarily.

    | Reply Posted February 2, 2012, 2:18 pm

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