Broken Pencil

Friend of the Conspiracy Britt Aamodt passed on the following information to us:

I found a listing for a magazine that’s devoted to alternative culture called Broken Pencil.

Broken Pencil is great because it will review your ‘zine, minicomic, graphic novel, etc. if it has the alternative bent. The publication also solicits 2-4 pages of zine art per issue. Is this info your Conspiracy members would be interested in?

More info at:

Submitting Art to Broken Pencil:

Folio: 2-4 pages in which a zinester does whatever they feel like. Go crazy. A strong visual element is required here, a marriage of words and text.

Publications for Review at Broken Pencil:

Broken Pencil accepts zines, ezine urls, books, videos/films, music recordings, and mail-art for review. There are no deadlines for submitting to Broken Pencil as we are an ongoing project. To submit you must mail your work to us at PO Box 203, Station P, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2S7 CANADA or email your ezine url to zines at If you are mailing us something to review, please include on a separate piece of paper the following information: name of publication, name of the creator/publisher, the price (please note whether or not that price includes postage), and the contact mailing address and email. We will not review material that does not have contact information. We look forward to seeing your work, but keep in mind that Broken Pencil reserves the right to review whatever it feels like, and may not review a particular publication for a variety of reasons.

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