St. Paul Cartoonist Conspiracy Jam Comic – November 2008

I must say, turn out for this jam was a bit sparse. Some might say that can be expected due to the holidays. You know what I say? COME ON!!! PARTICIPATE! If Ryan Dow, Jon Sloan, and Mike Toft were all able to make it to Cosmic’s this last Thursday, then YOU certainly can make it to the next jam! What’s that? You don’t live near Twin Cities? Well, you can be excused. As for the rest of you, barring any previously accepted excuses, COME ON!!! PARTICIPATE!

In fact, this marks the first time that none of the original members of the St. Paul Cell didn’t make it! Shame on Bud Burgy and Daniel J. Olson! What the hell were the two of these guys doing that gave them the idea that they didn’t need to show up for the jam!? Think you’re special? Geez!

Still no word on the status of the Milwaukee Cartoonist Conspiracy/Cream City cell. Hey, McCarthy and Amado, I know it’s getting cold and all, but we’re still waiting as are the stray Milwaukee cartoonists!

For the sake of curiousity, I wonder what other groups regularly post on this blog other than Minneapolis, St. Paul, San Francisco, and 7000 BC (Albuquerque/Santa Fe). Anybody else out there? I vaguely remember seeing some news from Columbus, Ohio earlier this year. Doesn’t Chicago have a cell? The third largest city in America has a cell and we don’t hear anything out of them either? WTF? COME ON!!! PARTICIPATE!

I’ve posted our latest jam comic below. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the country nursing a political hangover, this month’s title was “A Democratic Thanksgiving.” In order to view the jam, you can click on the image below, which will link you to the PDFs directly

Want to start up your own cell? It’s easy! Just follow this link: Start a Conspiracy in Your Community. Are you one of the many rival cells that we trash? Perhaps you are a LARPer and would like exact some “internet revenge.” If so, maybe you should do something about it and post something here.



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  1. David Steinlicht November 23rd, 2008 10:15 pm

    I’m suitably shamed. I’ll be there next time, for sure!

  2. Steven Stwalley November 25th, 2008 9:14 pm

    I was gonna show up too… but I’ve been sick for the last week. Hopefully next time!

  3. Bewilderedkid November 25th, 2008 10:48 pm

    Wow, I hope I’m not being too harsh here! I know that people have things to do, families, sicknesses, etc.

    I’m just trying to motivate our base, so to speak.

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