Cartoonists in the newspaper

Ken Avidor and Andy Singer are featured in a front page story in Saturday’s St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The Minneapolis and St. Paul cartoonists bring a new perspective to the usual “Auto Show Is Now Open” preview.

The story, written by Richard Chin (an avid bike rider, but not a cartoonist), allows Avidor and Singer to get in a few shots.

Avidor, outside the convention center: “All this space, and there’s no bike stand.”

Singer, entering the convention center: “The formaldehyde new car smell.”

(I want to see those photos of the two sitting in the front seat of a Hummer.)

The story plugs Singer’s “CARtoons” book and Avidor’s upcoming “Bicyclopolis.”

If you’re reading online, don’t forget to click on the Readers Comments link. Laffs galore.

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