Remembering the Self Publishing Movement essays at

The talented Jeff Smith has asked his collegues who were involved with the Self Published comics movement in the 80’s and 90’s to write about there experiences on his blog.

Jeff writes….

In the weeks that follow, I’ll be posting guest blogs from people who were there, like Colleen Doran, Larry Marder, Paul Pope, Terry Moore, Charles Brownstein, and others. I am currently extending invitations to newer indie cartoonists and professionals working now in the current era of web comics, indie comics, and graphic novels.

As I read the essays coming in, I’m reminded how much fun we had analyzing the industry and the comics community, and making up rules as we went along. But I’m also reminded how difficult it was. Our credo was to own and control your work. Something that isn’t as easy as you might think.

First up is an essay from the creator of A Distant Soil, Colleen Doran. It’s an excellent and fascinating read.

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