Writer Seeking Artist

I have a writer friend who is looking for an artist to work on one of two graphic novel projects.  Below is a synopsis for each project.

Guru of the Mind
Synopsis: A story of introspection and emotional healing. There are
mysterious people called selnas, who enter the dreams of others from afar
and talk to them while they sleep. Selnas act as counselors and guides,
explaining their pupils the inner workings of the mind and heart. With the
help of selnas, various people learn to conquer their fears, doubts,
illusions and everyday worries.

Baka Desnay
Synopsis: A crazy-fun way of learning Japanese. Baka Desnay is the story of
an American man who accidentally travels to Japan in a suitcase while
pursuing a banana. He’s a loveably adventurous idiot, and he soons starts
having adventures with ninjas and robots and pirates and zombies, all while
slowly learning the Japanese language. His counterpart is mild-mannered
Takeshi, a college student assigned to be his Japanese tutor, who routinely
gets dragged along in zany adventures.

If interested, please contact sonicsuns [at] gmail [dot] com

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