“We are electing” Cartoon Contest

 This is the Election Year, the time when politicians are becoming wild and ready to kill for a couple of votes. This is the time when normal people (like cartoonists) should stop the villains and show their tricks to the public.

 This is actually the goal of the “We are electing” Cartoon Contest organized by the International Cartoonists’ Club CARTUNION.

 Here you can find the exact rules of the competition:

Third CARTUNION International Cartoon Contest
The International Cartoonists Club CARTUNION invites cartoonists from around the world to take part in the contest “We are electing.”

The election is not only a formal democratic procedure, it is also a great chance to explore the human nature.
Here, at the polling station, you have a chance to watch the clash of amazing characters, to
observe the cowardice and desperate insolence on one side and the civic courage of the other.

In other words, the election is the perfect reason for artists-satirists to roll up their sleeves and take up a pencil or a computer mouse.

The rules of the contest:

1. Works should be sent electronically to the following address: cartoongallery@gmail.com
2. Picture format: A3, jpg or gif. The resolution should be
sufficient for high quality printing (at least 300 dpi).
3. Deadline for sending: February 15, 2012
4. The authors of the three best works will be awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the International Cartoonists Club.
5. The organizers reserve the right to publish the submitted drawings
without monetary compensation. The artist will keep the copyright.
6. Selected works will be presented on the CARTUNION site:
http://www.cartoon-expo.com/. We are also planning the traveling exhibition of the best works.


 I should probably mention that the Diplomas are the original drawings by the great artists (I wish I could get one). Also, there is a nice cartoon album waiting on my bookshelf only for Conspirators.

We hope that you will be able to participate in the show.

 Thank you!

Andrey Feldshteyn
The International Cartoonists Club CARTUNION






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