More Mini-Comics Day Comics Posted to the Internet

Ryan Dow’s mini-comic on the economics of mini-comics is being serialized on his website a page a day for a week.

Athena Currier is serializing her fun mini-comic on her site here, and has a report on the Minneapolis event.

Devin Kraft posted his comic he made at the Dragon’s Lair event in Austin, TX.

Check out this gorgeous one from Ingi Jensson.

Long-time mini-comics cartoonist Colin Upton has his mini-comic posted here.

Aardvark Farmer has his mini-comic and a video of him talking about it here.

Jesse Hughes has his mini-comic posted here.

April Nash has her mini-comic posted here.

Michael Anthony Carroll has his mini-comic posted here.

Lis Huey has her mini-comic posted here.

Martin Jackson posted his mini-comic here.

Sheika Lugtu posted her mini-comic here.

More comics were posted earlier at the Mini-Comics Day blog as well.

If you participated and put your comic online, let me know and I’ll link to it on the Mini-Comics Day blog. Email me at webmaster(at)

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  1. Carlos Merino April 17th, 2011 1:09 pm

    I posted mine in my blog too ( It’s the 2nd version I did in Spanish. I have printed the original version (in English) and I hope to have the chance to give you one copy in person.

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