FALLCON IS HERE! Fallcon is the most creator-friendly convention in the country… they generously offer free table space to all cartoonists, amateur or professional, and they put on a fun show. Check out the enormous guest list for this year… it should be quite an event. Even if you’re not going as a guest, I imagine you’ll want to check it out anyhow… don’t miss checking out the art in the display cases, which is always extremely cool.

Here is the form to send to be a guest, assuming you are not already too late, which is most likely the case.

Send it to:
Midwest Comic Book Association
P.O. Box 131475
St. Paul, MN 55113

Make sure to note somewhere if you want to sit in the same area as the Conspiracy. We are taking names for volunteers to man our table at the convention, so let me know if you’re interested by replying to this email.

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