Cartoonist Conspiracy @ The Loring Corners Bazaar (6/27 + 6/28)

The Cartoonist Conspiracy Cells of the Twin Cities are getting in on the ground floor of something that could be potentially great! With Pride Weekend in full swing in the Twin Cities, three lone Conspirators Bud Burgy, Ryan Dow, and Daniel Olson learned of an opportunity to push comic materials to the mostly non-comic reading public! How? A bazaar in the Historic Loring Corners community!

Plans are still in their infancy, but with the proper nurturing, this thing could really take off! From what we understand, the bazaar will have various vendors crafting curious things (fashionable wears, paintings, framed album covers, comics, etc.) and associating with the general public. The bazaar is slated to be open during the Basilica Block Party and Loring Art Festival this year too! If all goes as planned and it becomes a success, more weekends could be added!

So, why am I telling you? Well, you should show up! You should say hello! Bud, Ryan, and Daniel may be bored to tears or could quite possibly having the time of their lives! Either way, we need your support! Plus, if you have any books that you’d like us to push for you contact us and we will make arangements for either this event or others in the future!

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  1. Andrew Bergdahl June 27th, 2009 2:45 pm

    Wow, this sounds like a cool opportunity. But such short notice! I’ll try to make it out…

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