Don’t Miss MicroCon!

Today if you’re in the Twin Cities you won’t want to miss MicroCon, the second largest comics convention in the area (the first biggest being FallCon, which is put on by the same folks in the Fall).

Hosted by the Midwest (formerly Minnesota) Comic Book Association, the Twin Cities conventions are no ordinary comic conventions… for one thing they offer free table space to any cartoonist who requests one. This is a rare and generous thing for a convention to offer, indeed.

As a result, you have a huge number and variety of cartoonists doing all sorts of comics… much like the Conspiracy, participating cartoonists include everything from seasoned professionals to rank amateurs… drawing every sort of comic you can imagine… manga, superheroes, funny animals, smut, and even stuff that doesn’t neatly fall into a genre.

Beyond that, the conventions always have a good vibe (cartoonists not having to hustle to make enough bread to cover a table space definitely are a part of that, along with the free food for creators, and the general friendly respect given to all creators by the members of the MNCBA). Really, it’s gotta be one of the best conventions in the country to be a creator at.

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