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Minneapolis Jam: March 2012

Summary: Adrean Clark pulled the curtain back on how to create an ebook and distribute it through SmashWords — and hopefully become the next self-made millionaire! Whether you’re gunning to be a millionaire or a dollaraire, you should consider reading Adrean’s own ebook on creating ebooks (how meta!), available here.

Coming up next!:
APR. 5: Jamie Schumacher, “Tips for Organizing Groups, from Comic Book Clubs to the Next Marvel”
MAY 3: Gordon McAlpin, “Illustrator Boot Camp” – Making digital comics & using digital lettering.
JUNE 7: Jon Sloan, “A Brief History of Comics” – An historical look at the medium we all love so well.
If there’s a topic you’d like to see or even lead yourself, contact me at nordeastcomics [at] The next available date is June 7, 2012.

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I’m going to assume that this topic is in some way inspired by the upcoming Russian Presidential elections coming up on Sunday. Or maybe not:

The Were Kings for a Moment…and Success Starts Here

Hello, Friend.
Click image for pdf — a royal 4 mb!

Please enjoy.

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Comics Teaching Opportunity at The Minnetonka Center for the Arts

The Minnetonka Center for the Arts, in partnership with Penco Art Supplies, is looking for people who can teach/talk about comics with fifth graders on occasional Fridays this spring. Information is sparse, but there is apparently money involved. If you are interested, you can get in touch with conrad(at)

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